Early Career Presentation Awards

PeerJ is sponsoring four awards for the best communicated presentation by early career researchers at the 5th WCMB. All students are eligible, as are people within two years of completing their MSc or PhD.

Please notify us at WCMB2020 wcmb2020@auckland.ac.nz if you are eligible and wish to be considered for an award.

Two awards will be for spoken presentations and two awards for e-posters. Judging will focus on the quality and clarity of communication over scientific advances; consequently, design is critical for a poster and oral delivery for a talk, with an emphasis on research presented in an engaging and fascinating way. The winners would be examples for how other scientists might improve their conference presentations.

Award winners will not be charged an open-access fee for one free publication in the journal PeerJ Life & Environment (subject to the normal peer review process) and PeerJ will highlight the winners’ work on their blog https://peerj.com/blog/post/category/awards/  and social media channels. The WCMB will refund the winners’ conference registration fee.



Supporting organisation

Supporting organisation