Financial support for attendance

The WCMB, through the International Association of Biological Oceanography (IABO), is pleased to have some financial support provided by sponsors, including the Scientific Committee for Ocean Research (SCOR). This is intended to provide partial support to attend the conference to people from developing countries.

To be eligible you must be from one of the Developing Countries according to the World Bank categories (, have offered to present a talk or poster at the WCMB, and have made an application as below by the 31st October 2020.

Priority will be given to applicants who will be providing a novel and relevant presentation at the WCMB. SCOR funds prioritise applicants who are early in their scientific career (defined as 10 years since their PhD and under 40 years of age). Additional support for non-early career participants from Developing Countries is also available.

To apply, please email to, in one pdf file that is labelled by your surname, the following:

(1) covering letter including why you wish to attend and your institutional affiliation,

(2) abstract submitted to the WCMB, and

(3) a 1 to 3 page CV with details of your current employment or studies, and professional history and accomplishments. Please exclude unnecessary personal information from the CV, like date of birth, sex, family relationships, photographs, and religious affiliations because these are not criteria to be used in the assessment of applications.



WCMB 2020 Virtual Conference | 13-15 December 2020

Key Dates

Revised talks submitted to conference platform: 1 November 2020
E-posters submitted to conference platform: 22 November 2020
Early-bird Registration closes: 22 November 2020
Conference commences and abstracts and e-posters visible to participants(only): 14 December 2020
Presentations visible to participants until: 31 January 2021
Submissions to the WCMB (proceedings) Collection in PeerJ Life & Environment journal deadline: 31 March 2021


Supporting organisation

Supporting organisation