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21:05:0022:00:00Early Career Panel Discussion

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09:45:001970-01-01 10:00:00Keynote Q&A (lve)
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1970-01-01 21:05:001970-01-01 22:00:00Networking & Poster session 2

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09:45:0010:00:00Full Talks (pre-recorded)
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19:50:0020:05:00Closing ceremony
20:05:0020:20:00Awards for best talks and posters
20:20:0020:35:00Awards for photo and video competition
20:35:0020:50:00IABO new committee and President
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The following talks and posters have been accepted for presentation at the 5th WCMB
Alder Al—New Zealand—Progressing seafloor restoration using subadult mussels
Alestra Tommaso—New Zealand—Bull kelp recovery following the 2016 Kaikōura earthquake
Alfaro Lucas Joan Manel—Germany—Marine biodiversity patterns along the Arctic Ocean and NW Pacific
Alikunhi Nabeel—Saudi Arabia—Long-term rearing of Deep Sea Corals from the Red Sea
Allan Elizabeth—United States—Modeling edna vertical and temporal variabilities in the mesopelagic ocean 
Anderson Marti—New Zealand—Nonlinear models of species-environment relationships
Andrade Vera Solange—Ecuador—Exploring the ichthyoplankton biodiversity in the Galapagos Marine Reserve
Angulo-Preckler Carlos—Norway—Molecular eukaryotic baselines from Antarctic communities
Anton Victor—New Zealand—Analysing twenty-five years of marine underwater footage in minutes
Arranz Vanessa—New Zealand—DNA metabarcoding of kelp-associated biodiversity
Attridge Claire—Canada—Exposure variably impacts an invasive bryozoan—
Audrezet François—New Zealand—Marine biofouling recruitment on biodegradable polymers augmented with oyster shell
Balemi Celia—New Zealand—Subtropical sea urchin taking hold in New Zealand marine reserve
Barbosa Moyses Cavichioli—Brazil—Home range and movement patterns of parrotfish in Brazil
Battershill Chris—New Zealand—Phylogenetic correlates leads to smart drug discovery
Beckley Lynnath—Australia—Diversity of meso-pelagic fishes along 110°E, Indian Ocean
Beger Maria—United Kingdom—What do species interaction networks tell us about disturbance gradients?
Benjamin Emilee—New Zealand—Restored mussels become biodiversity hotspots in the Marlborough Sounds
Bentotage Jayasiri—Sri Lanka—Marine plankton and benthos, off Jaffna, Sri Lanka
Berthelsen Anna—New Zealand—Relationships in ecological health between connected stream and estuary ecosystems 
Bessesen Brooke—United States—Decadal data show dynamics of tropical fiord biodiversity
Biggar Brandy—Canada—Integrated data use in invasive species management
Bigham Katharine—New Zealand—Turbidity flows and deep-sea benthic community structure
Bilewitch Jaret—New Zealand—Cryptic diversity in New Zealand black corals
Bilewitch Jaret—New Zealand—Deep-sea octocoral biodiversity in bottom trawl bycatch
Bishop Melanie—Australia—Scaling up green seawall designs: benefits to biodiversity
Blain Caitlin—New Zealand—Localised stressors limit carbon storage and fixation in kelp forests
Boulard Marion—Canada—Deep-sea fish-biogenic habitat associations within the Laurentian Channel MPA
Boutahar Loubna—Morocco—Evaluation of trace element contamination on a transitional waters gradient
Brandão Manoela C.—France—Zooplankton seasonality in an MPA subject to oceanic front 
Bravo Gonzalo—Argentina—The importance of surface orientation in rocky reefs monitoring 
Bribiesca-Contreras Guadalupe—United Kingdom—Benthic megafauna of the western Clarion Clipperton Zone
Brix Saskia—Germany—The Aegir Ridge – describing habitats of a canyon-like structure
Brough Tom—New Zealand—Spatial modelling of pelagic fish: the need for dynamic MPAs
Campanyà-Llovet Neus—Portugal—Functional traits from Mid-Atlantic Ridge (~37ºn)
Caronni Sarah—Italy—Morphology, a key trait for stressed coralline algae
Carrasco Sergio—Chile—The unexplored biodiversity and role of cephalopods in Rapa Nui 
Carvalho Susana—Saudi Arabia—From bacteria to fish: Coral reef spatio-temporal biodiversity patterns
Castellanos Susel——Responses of Hydroid’s assemblages and species abundance to organic contamination of
Chaabane Sonia—France—Planktonic foraminifera response to climatic changes 
Chan Eric—Malaysia—Bioactive properties and traditional uses mangrove tree species
Chang Andy—New Zealand—What are the best blue cod nurseries?
Charmley Kaitlyn—Canada—Characterizing Benthic Biotopes in sub-Arctic Ecosystems
Chaudhary Chhaya—Germany—Predicting marine species distribution along the Arctic Ocean
Chavanich Suchana Apple—Thailand—Management of marine plastic debris and microplastics during the COVID 19 pandemic: a case study in Thailand
Chenuil Anne—France—Semi-automatic monitoring of benthic biodiversity
Chew Li Lee—Malaysia—Assemblage of seaweed faunal associates in tropical coastal waters
Clark Dana—New Zealand—Edna detects benthic response to nutrient manipulation
Colarina Ma Cecilia—Bahamas—Strengthening access and benefit sharing (abs) in the Bahamas
Costa Valentina—Portugal—Restoration of Zostera noltei seagrass meadows: guidelines for practitioners
Costello Mark—New Zealand—The universal evolutionary and ecological significance of 20 oc
Coulter Jessica—United States—Protected area quality and progress toward global targets
Cristi Antonia—New Zealand—Contrasts in eukaryotic phytoplankton diversity in Antarctic and Subantarctic waters
Crossett Dan—New Zealand—Macroalgal resilience in shifting rocky reef conditions 
Crowe Tasman—Ireland—Combining Bow-Ties and bbns to inform environmental decision-making
Cutracci Maxine—Hong Kong—Aquariums in schools: Enhance Education and Understanding of Marine Biodiversity.
D’Archino Roberta—New Zealand—Marine biota 2020: New Zealand macroalgae
Davey Niki—New Zealand—Inventory of the New Zealand Echinodermata: an update
De Brauwer Maarten—United Kingdom—Comparing edna-and visual survey based species interaction networks in Indonesia
de Mendonça Sarah—Canada—Comparing tools to capture deep-sea epifaunal patterns
Dellisanti Walter—Hong Kong—In-situ observations of metabolic responses of the coral Platygyra carnosa
Di Franco Davide—Germany—Environmental variables influence peracarid abundances
Diaz-arce Natalia—Spain—Recent unidirectional trans-Atlantic gene-flow in Atlantic Bluefin tuna
Díaz-Astudillo Macarena—Chile—Upwelling variability triggers krill community changes
DiBattista Joseph—Australia—DNA metabarcoding can inform coral reef ecosystem biodiversity and health
Dominguez-Petit Rosario——Environmental drivers of mean weight-at-age in Iberian fish
Douglas Emily—New Zealand—Seafloor Biodiversity Enhancement by Invasive Sabella Spallanzanii
Dowling Amy—United States—Size frequency variability of blue mussels in biodiverse glacial estuaries
Downey Rachel—Australia—Hotspots and coldspots in the quality of polar sponge data
Dray Stéphane—France—Correspondence Analysis of Ecological Networks
Drennan Regan—United Kingdom—Uncovering annelid diversity from the Prince Gustav Channel, West Antarctica
Du Preez Cherisse—Canada—Rapid deep ocean changes with long-lasting results
Dudas Sarah—Canada—Tidal current as an indicator of biodiversity
Dunmore Robyn—New Zealand—Long-term habitat changes in response to an earthquake 
Dykman Lauren—United States—The Diversity and Ecology of Parasites at Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vents
Egan Eimear—New Zealand—Meta-analysis of larval dispersal traits for New Zealand coastal species
Faria Silvana—Angola—Seabirds in the Luanda Bay, Angola: Knowledge to Preserve 
Ferretto Giulia—Australia—Restoring seagrass with naturally detached fragments
Foley Cassia—Canada—The environmental drivers of humpback whale habitat use 
Gajdzik Laura—Saudi Arabia—Climate-tailored conservation strategies for marine tropical habitats
Gale Katie—Canada—Spatial changes to a trawl fishery reduce benthic impacts
Garate Leire—Spain—Keystone species of coastal ecosystems from the Bay of Biscay—
Garcia Clement—United Kingdom—Integrated management of a multifunctional seabed 
Geange Shane—New Zealand—A data-driven approach informing policy protecting vulnerable marine ecosystems
Georgian Samuel—United States—Conserving California’s seamounts
Georgieva Yoana—Bulgaria—The effects of MPAs on the state of fish stocks 
Gerard Karin—Chile—Halicarcinus planatus: Genetic diversity hotspot in a Patagonian crab 
Gerrity Shawn—New Zealand—Restoring abalone after a cataclysmic earthquake in southern New Zealand
Giddens Jonatha—United States—Assessing deep-ocean biodiversity with baited cameras 
Goode Savannah—New Zealand—Resilience of seamount benthic communities to trawling
Górska Barbara—Poland—Does Arctic deep-sea macrobenthic diversity change along with climate warming?
Grzelak Katarzyna—Poland—Hidden treasures of the natural history collections-Kinorhynchs story
Haggarty Dana—Canada—Impact of reduced survey extent in mpas on stock monitoring
Hale Rachel—New Zealand—Intertidal environmental assessment using DNA metabarcoding 
Hanns Benn—New Zealand—Lobster movement patterns explain MPA population structure
Haupt Tanya—South Africa—Exploring benthic communities of the Western Indian Ocean
Hayward Alexander—New Zealand—The composition of the phytoplankton community in the Ross Sea 
Hestetun Jon Thomassen—Norway—Metamon: Evidence-based methodology for sediment metabarcoding impact monitoring
Hill Nicole—Australia—Determining marine bioregions: A comparison of quantitative approaches 
Hillman Jenny—New Zealand—Impact of restored New Zealand green-lipped mussels on ecosystem functioning
Hinton Beth—New Zealand—Stable isotope analysis of long-finned pilot whales in New Zealand
Hoang Luu—New Zealand—Evidence of transgenerational plasticity in the Giant Kokopu Galaxias argenteus
Holland Lyndsey—New Zealand—Genetic approaches improve fisheries and marine biodiversity management 
Hollingsworth Anita—United Kingdom—Holothurian feeding strategies affect the gut microbiome 
Holman Luke—United Kingdom—Do anthropogenic impacts drive biogeographic patterns across kingdoms of life?
Hosono Takashi—Japan—Estimating past environment for marine species
Howarth Odette—New Zealand—Quantitative diet guilds of New Zealand reef fish species.
Hudson Jamie—United Kingdom—Expansion potential of a regionally restricted but dominant non-indigenous species
Hupman Krista—New Zealand—A global review of leopard seal birth and pup records
Iacarella Josephine—Canada—Prevalence and drivers of non-compliance in mpas
Ingels Jeroen—United States—Loggerhead Sea Turtles Are Meiofauna Abundance and Biodiversity Hotspots
Ishiyama Genki—Japan—Distance matters in diversification on the deep sea floor
Jacob Lucy—New Zealand—Advancing Discussion on Marine Protection in Aotearoa – New Zealand
Janani.v Nivetha—India—The Gulf of Kachchh turbid reefs shelter corals under climate-related—temperature stress
Jansen Jan—Australia—Species distributions and community dynamics across the Antarctic continental shelf
Jefferson Tamlin—New Zealand—Prioritising a global win-win for seafood security and biodiversity protection
Jemmett Sebastian—New Zealand—Green-lipped mussel larval dispersal patterns in New Zealand’s Hauraki Gulf
Juanes Francis—Canada—Implications of anthropogenic noise in MPAs
Kaiser Stefanie—Poland—New Zealand bathyal isopod diversity under environmentally contrasting conditions
Karisa Juliet—Kenya—Spatial pattern in resilience of coral communities in Kenya 
Keiper Felicity—Australia—Marine genetic resources – a company perspective 
Keith Inti—Ecuador—Marine introduced species in the Galapagos Marine Reserve 
Kelly Michelle—New Zealand—How many sponges are there in the sea?
Kessel Gustav—New Zealand—Deadman’s fingers point to new, endemic octocoral species
Klayn Stefania—Bulgaria—Habitat mapping and genetic connectivity in a Black Sea MPA
Kokarev Valentin—Norway—Macrobenthos of sub-Arctic deep fjords: is there a general pattern?
Kulkarni Vaishnavee—India—A Population study of Ghost Crab concerning food
Kurve Dr. Poonam—India—Macrofaunal diversity of inter-tidal zone at Akshi coast, Alibaug, India
Kürzel Karlotta—Germany—Interactive keys in selected deep-sea isopods
Kushida Yuka—Japan—Calibelemnon sp. From Amami Oshima Island in shallow water
Laguionie Marchais Claire—Ireland—Deep-sea coral biodiscovery economic potential
Lanzén Anders—Spain—Multi-impact prediction by prokaryotic metabarcoding in Basque estuaries
Larsen Lars-henrik—Norway—Procedures for appointing Marine Protected Areas in Norway
Layton Kara—United Kingdom—Advancing marine biodiversity knowledge with molecular tools
Leduc Daniel—New Zealand—New Zealand’s marine meiofaunal diversity 
Lee Li Keat—Malaysia—Population structure of small giant clam in Peninsular Malaysia
Legrand Térence—France— Multi-generational connectivity vs genetic structure
Leray Matthieu—Panama—Distribution and drivers of biodiversity across a Caribbean seascape
Levin Lisa—United States—An In-Depth View of the Deep-Ocean Biodiversity-Climate-Policy Nexus
Liggins Libby—New Zealand—A genetic observatory for Aotearoa’s marine biodiversity
Lines Rose—Australia—Large scale edna survey of a coastal region in Brazil. 
Lloret Lloret Elena—Spain—Seasonal distribution relates to feeding ecology in a demersal predator
Loerz Anne-nina—New Zealand—The status quo of the ICEAGE project 
Lohrer Drew—New Zealand—Cascading change in Antarctic coastal benthic ecosystems
Londoño-cruz Edgardo—Colombia—Tropical rocky shores: biodiversity under standard methods
Lundquist Carolyn—New Zealand—Integrating New Zealand’s marine biodiversity datasets to inform conservation planning
Mabey Abbie—United Kingdom—Testing the enemy-release hypothesis in alien seaweeds
Macpherson Diana—New Zealand—Inventory of New Zealand Cnidaria: an update
Madeira Pedro—Portugal—Population genetic structure and connectivity in Ecklonia
Mallefet Jerome—Belgium—First data on Chatham Rise luminous shark diversity
Matsuba Misako—Japan—Future climate change drives habitat isolation of demersal fish species
Mayya Wassim—Syrian Arab Republic—Feeding of Acartia Clausi in the coastal waters of Syria
Mazurkiewicz Mikołaj—Poland—Future of benthic megafauna in warming Arctic
Mazzuco Ana Carolina—Brazil—Pelagic Seascape associated with patterns of recruitment in tropical reefs
Mcgarrigle Samantha—Canada—Effects of water column and sediment acidification on benthic invertebrates 
Mcgillivary Phil—United States—Ocean/mpa protection via new satellite constellations & unmanned systems
McQuatters-Gollop Abigail—United Kingdom—Using biodiversity indicators to meet marine conservation objectives
Meares Michael—New Zealand—Resource-partitioning of Acanthurid fishes of the Gulf of Aqaba
Messing Charles—United States—The importance of an undervalued taxon—Living Crinoidea (Echinodermata)
Méthé Denise—Canada—Taxonomy of Sponge Species in Gulf of St. Lawrence
Middleton Irene—New Zealand—Range dynamics of “new-to-New Zealand” marine fish species
Miller Kelsey—New Zealand—Sea urchin removal as a tool for kelp forest restoration
Mills Sadie—New Zealand—Unlocking the Deep: Online Catalogue for a Marine Invertebrate Collection
Miloslavich Patricia—United States—Integrating biology in operational ocean observing
Mohd Zanuri Norlaila—Malaysia—Microplastic ingestion in commercial fish from Northwest Peninsular Malaysia seawater
Moity Nicolas—Ecuador—Spatial priorities for marine biodiversity conservation in the Galapagos
Montaño Sandra—Colombia—Microbiome as drivers of diversification in Pacifigorgia octocorals from Pacific Ocean
Morato Telmo—Portugal—Conservation planning for regional-scale deep-sea management
Morgan Kyle—Singapore—Vertical reef compression reduces habitat availability on urbanized coral reefs
Morris Thomas—New Zealand—Marine non-parasitic rates of description outpace marine parasites
Mugnai Francesco—Italy—Are marine biodiversity hotspots really barcoding hotspots?
Nakaoka Masahiro—Japan—Current distribution of seagrass beds in Southeast Asia
Nakaoka Masahiro—Japan—Establishing asia-pacific marine biodiversity observation network (AP MBON)
Nelson Wendy—New Zealand—Characterising New Zealand’s marine biodiversity: a status report
Neufeld Monika—Canada—Faunal communities at inactive hydrothermal vents
Nguu Josphat—Kenya—Trans-boundary mangrove dispersal 
Nocera Ariadna Celina—Argentina—Spatial and temporal variability of the zooplankton community in Valdés Biosphere Reserve, Patagonia, Argentina: Nuevo Gulf case study
Norgard Tammy—Canada—Developing Canada’s offshore MPA: partners, science & discovery 
Ohta Mizuki—Japan—Species distribution patterns of the deep-sea isopods
Palmer Emily—New Zealand—Life history of New Zealand common dolphins (Delphinus delphis)
Pandolfi John—Australia—Detecting novelty, and its causes and consequences, in ecological communities 
Parvizi Elahe—New Zealand—The genomic footprint of catastrophic earthquake disturbance
Paulus Eva—Germany—Hidden genetic diversity of Haploniscus bicuspis around Iceland 
Peixoto Raquel—United States—Stress Management and Altered Metabolic Profiles Promoted by Coral Probiotics
Peleg Ohad—New Zealand—Marine protection enhances kelp forest stability
Pennino Maria Grazia——Natural mortality estimations could change stock assessment results
Perez Botello Antar Mijail—Mexico—Guest-host interactions as diversity drivers in coral reefs
Piron Julie——Study of Sponge Communities of Martinique*: Biodiversity, Habitats, Interactions and Vunerability
Pochon Xavier—New Zealand—From coastal to pelagic marine ecosystems: using metabarcoding to enhance aquatic biomonitoring and biodiversity assessments
Præbel Kim—Norway—The importance of edna baselines in the marine Arctic
Pratt Conrad—Canada—Environmental and biological factors control abundance of invasive bryozoan 
Praved P Hari—India—Distribution, abundance & blooms of gelatinous zooplankton in Arabian sea
Predragovic Milica—Saudi Arabia—Red Sea fish communities’ responses to a mass bleaching event
Presswell Bronwen—New Zealand—New Zealand’s marine parasitic helminth diversity
Purwanto Purwanto—Indonesia—Status of coral and reef fish in Raja Ampat, Indonesia
Qu Zoe—New Zealand—Economic Valuation of the Recruitment Effect of a Temperate MPA 
Radziejewska Teresa—Poland—Coastal lagoon benthos in pelagic-benthic couplings 
Reddy Maggie—South Africa—Southern African kelp introgress at a range contact zone
Reverter Miriam—Germany—Decadal community dynamics in reefs around Dahab (Red Sea)
Richard Anaïs—France—Influence of macrofauna on microphytobenthos
Richards Cerren—Canada—Species’ traits determine seabird bycatch vulnerability in global fisheries
Rilov Gil—Israel—Marine conservation requires realistic and adaptive goals under climate change
Rishworth Gavin—South Africa—Quantifying coastal biodiversity change across continental scales
Rius Marc—United Kingdom—Oceanography and anthropogenic impacts shape biodiversity patterns in the Galápagos
Riveiro Isabel—Spain—Genetic connectivity in sardine populations in the Iberian peninsula
Roberts Clive—New Zealand—Discovering Biodiversity of New Zealand’s Marine Fishes
Roberts Sophie——Too hot to handle? The thermotolerance of green-lipped mussels 
Rocha de Souza Mariana—United States—Increased symbiont richness on corals under long-term experimental warming
Rodriguez-Jurado Veronica—New Zealand—VENTURE: Assessing vulnerability of species under threat
Rowden Ashley—New Zealand—Habitat suitability models inform spatial management of deep-sea fisheries
Rubidge Emily—Canada—Testing surrogates for diversity using traditional methods and edna 
Ruiz Paula—Chile—Fatty acid biomarkers three key marine species of—Patagonian fjord 
Rumengan Irman—Indonesia—Recovery potential of coral habitats in Kofiau islands MPA 
Rushdi Naif—New Zealand—Spatial prioritisation for biodiversity conservation
Sabetian Armagan—New Zealand—Diversified bet-hedging explains the batch effect in snapper Chrysophrys auratus
Saeedi Hanieh—Germany—Endemicity and biodiversity of marine fauna along the NW Pacific 
Saeedi Hanieh—Germany—OBIS: two decades of fostering marine species data sharing
Salloum Priscila—New Zealand—Non-neutral evolution of shell shape in a chiton?
Sarafidou Georgia—Greece—Population genetics of Pinna nobilis using edna (non-invasive sampling technique)
Sarcinelli Stelzer Patricia—Brazil—Rhodoliths density influences benthic fauna structure
Satterthwaite Erin—United States—An interactive global inventory of long-term biological observing programs 
Saulsbury James—United States—Latitude and range size in the shallow marine benthos
Schiavon Luca—Italy—Introgression in Antarctic fish with RAD-seq data
Schill Steve—United States—A multi-scale remote sensing approach to mapping coral reefs
Schnabel Kareen—New Zealand—Twenty years on: updating the inventory of New Zealand Crustacea
Schuster Jasmin—Canada—Urchin herbivory can facilitate tropicalization signals in fishes
Sea Mallory—New Zealand—How mussel restoration influences local biodiversity
Seabra Rui—Portugal—Atlantic CCTBON – basin-wide monitoring of coastal temperature and biodiversity
Sellanes Javier—Chile—Filamentous mats threatening mesophotic reefs off Rapa Nui
Serrao Ester—Portugal—Connectivity of kelp forests around the Southern Ocean
Shimabukuro Maurício—France—Nematoda diversity and distribution on Atacama Trench
Shuva Md. Shahin Hossain—Bangladesh—Phytoplankton size class in the northern Bay of Bengal
Sinniger Frederic—Japan—New deep-sea zoantharian diversity of the South Pacific
Smith Adam—New Zealand—A multi-faceted look at New Zealand’s reef fish biodiversity
Somerfield Paul—United Kingdom—Since change is natural, when should we worry about it?
Sonnewald Moritz—Germany—Dogger Bank windfarms coming soon: Long-term effects on the epifauna 
Soo Michelle——Monogenean anchor morphometry: systematic value, phylogenetic signal, and evolution 
Soto Eulogio—Chile—Sediment communities from Atacama trench and Seamounts at southeast Pacific
Stanley Ryan—Canada—Northern expansion: An exploration of the Canadian Conservation Network 
Stephenson Fabrice—New Zealand—Cetacean conservation planning: dealing with uncertainty and data deficiencies
Straube Nicolas—Norway—Actinopterygian diversity in the King Haakon VII Sea
Sutton Lauren—United States—Environmental filtering of functional composition in Alaskan Arctic shelf epibenthos
Sweatman Jenny Ann—New Zealand—Population history of the Long-spined urchin in Aotearoa
Sykora-Bodie Seth—United States—Forecasting the Likelihood of Marine Protected Area Designation in Antarctica
Syomin Vitaly—Russian Federation—Benthic communities of the Black Sea oxic zone margin
Tait Leigh—New Zealand—Assessing kelp bed responses to heat-waves using remote sensing
Tamburini Marco—Italy—Biotic resistance of native communities to bioinvasion
Tandberg Anne Helene S.—Norway—Two centuries of marine biodiversity collections and research
Tang Jing—Taiwan—Benthic biomass and body size spectrum in four submarine canyons of different origins off SW Taiwan 
Thomas Elin—United Kingdom—Red listing can protect deep-sea biodiversity
Thomsen Mads—New Zealand—Earthquake and heatwave impacts on southern bull kelp communities
Thoral Francois—New Zealand—Estimating benthic light availability for kelp forests using satellite imagery
Thyrring Jakob—Canada—Incomplete sampling restrict the use of databases for climate-change studies
Tidau Svenja—United Kingdom—Marine light pollution affects larval development and mortality
Toone Trevyn—New Zealand—Past & present provide insights for restoration efforts 
Torre-Williams Laura—New Zealand—GPS tracks of newborn humpback whale calves from Gold Coast 
Tracey Dianne—New Zealand—From fisheries by-catch to robust deep-sea coral age data
Turnbull John—Australia—The virtuous cycle of environmental stewardship – a pathway to sustainability
Turon Marta—Norway—Tropical fish biodiversity retrieved from sponge tissues 
Uhlir Carolin—Germany—Diversity of Cumacea (Crustacea; Peracarida) within Northern European Ocean ecoregions
Van Der Reis Aimee—New Zealand—Go with the flow: Population structure of the NZ scampi
Vandepitte Leen—Belgium—EurOBIS: the gateway to European marine biodiversity data
Vandepitte Leen—Belgium—WoRMS: a global expert-driven marine species database
Varela Andrea—Chile—Genetic population structure of a human-impacted seabird in the Pacific
Vasileiadou Katerina——Population structuring of Posidonia oceanica from Eastern Mediterranean
Veloy Carlos—Spain—Spatial-temporal biodiversity changes across environmental grandients in the Western Mediterranean—
Virgin Spencer—New Zealand—Individual size and shore height influence thermal tolerance of limpets 
Visser Ingrid—New Zealand—It’s not black and white: Orca ecotypes in New Zealand
von Ammon Ulla—New Zealand—A high-speed plankton net – expanding global data collection
Wagner Daniel—United States—High seas coral reefs: biodiversity hotspots in need of protection
Wangensteen Owen S.—Norway—Metaphylogeography: unveiling haplotype diversity from filtered seawater
Watling Les—United States—OBIS and global marine biogeography
Watson Andrew—New Zealand—Performance of whitebait reserves for fisheries conservation 
Wawrzyniak-Wydrowska Brygida—Poland—Monothalamid foraminiferal diversity (>300 µm) in the CCZ
Weigel Benjamin—Finland—Quantifying community change, structure and drivers with HMSC
Wickramasinghe Amali—Sri Lanka—Phytoplankton diversity in relation to chemical parameters, off Colombo
Wright Jessica—United Kingdom—A novel assessment of chalk reef damage
Yamagiwa Hirotaka—Japan—Transition of coral communities for 43 years in Nakagusuku Bay
Yamakita Takehisa—Japan—Spatial distribution and future of marine ecosystem services in Japan
Yamb Lionel Brice—Cameroon—Absent or unreported: assessing abundance of sea-turtles in north-coast, Cameroon
Yasuhara Moriaki—Hong Kong—Time machine biology: cross-time-scale integration of ecology, evolution, and paleoceanography
Zaiko Anastasija—New Zealand—Towards reproducible metabarcoding data – insights from a cross-laboratory experiment 
Zeppilli Daniela—France—Nematodes in extreme marine environments
Zhao Qianshuo—China—Where mpas would best represent 30% of ocean biodiversity


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